Wise Courtship
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Welcome to "Wise Courtship"

“A highly insightful must-read, Wise Courtship shares a myriad of eye-opening insights based on author Toni Henderson-Mayers’s over twenty-five years of experience in the area of building business and personal relationships. In this work, you wil
l explore the trade secrets of courting. Challenging singles to choose wisely, this selection illustrates what to look for in a potential mate, utilizing her three step system sure to unveil the true character of any love interest. Informative and spiritually enriching, this engaging book is a boon to all those who find themselves lost in the often confusing and intricate world of romantic relationships."

You will discover:
  • Three step dating/courting system to reveal true character of love interest.
  • Discover how much you really know about your partner.
  • Evaluate “real life” examples of couples who ignored huge red flags.
  •  Recognize warnings to avoid serious trouble.
  • View photos and Foreword by Cora Jakes-Coleman, daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, Potter’s House, Dallas, TX.